VacuMove uses vacuum for both lifting and holding loads in place.  The vacuum is formed with a pump which can be placed as far away as 30metres from the actual lifting point.  The air is channelled through a filter and an air hose from a lifting tube fitted with a suction foot.  The lifting tube is suspended in a swivel and will turn 360 degrees.  The  vacuum inside the lifting tube is regulated with a control handle.  When the partial vacuum rises, the lifting tube retracts and lifts the load, up to 250 Kg.  Then the partial vacuum sinks the tube stretches, and lowers the load.

An investment in VacuMove pays for itself quickly.  The system is easy to install and adjust to suit the requirements of most companies.  VacuMove gives you an optimum combination of efficiency, ergonomic and economy, unmatched by any other lifting system.  VacuMove is a thoroughly proven system meeting the highest standards of functionality and safety.  The suction cup holds the load securely in place until it has reached the floor.  Power shortages do not cause problems.  If there is a blackout, a safety valve shuts down and the load is lowered to the floor gently.



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